Pilot-operated fast shut-off valve

Size: DN10-600(3/8”-24”)
Bonnet: standard ,heat dissipation ,cryogenic ,bellows
Characteristic: equal percentage ,linear quick open
Pipe connection: flange,butt welding type
Actuator: pneumatic diaphragm actuator,pneumatic piston actuator,electric actuator



pilot-operated shut-off valve adopts the cage guided structure and pressure unbalanced plug. It is suitable for shut-off applications with relatively high differential pressure. The plug and seat surfaces are subjected to hard alloy overlay welding to ensure long-time stable running of the valve. For shut-off applications of media of high temperature and service conditions with high differential pressure, we have specially designed the double-plug pressure relief type shut-off valve. The trim of this kind of valve adopts double-plug structure with flow to off design. When opening the valve, first open the small plug, and the starting force is relatively low because the area of thrust surface of the small plug is small. After the small plug is opened, the pressure after the valve is released and the differential pressure acting on the large plug is greatly reduced. The large plug can be opened with a relatively low actuator force. The trim of this kind of structure can meet the need for shut-off applications in service conditions with high differential pressure.

Parameters of control valves

Trim features: cage guided
unbalanced trim
quick disassembly type cage structure
double-plug pilot-operated structure
Body type: straight-through type
angle type
Bonnet type: standard type
heat dissipation type
Flow characteristic: quick open
Size:  DN100-400(4”-16”)
Pressure class: PN1.6、4.0、6.3Mpa(ANSI 150、300、600LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅴ(standard type metal seat)
Pipe connection type: flange type
butt welding type
Applicable temperature range: -196CC° ~ 550CC°
Actuator type: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
pneumatic piston actuator
electric actuator