pneumatic 3 way ball valve

Installation instructions for pneumatic ball valve

Before the installation of pneumatic ball valve: 1. Ensure the installation position of the pneumatic ball valve is at the coaxial position, keep the two flanges on the pipeline parallel, confirm that the pipeline can ...
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Classification and selection of pneumatic plastic butterfly valve

Pneumatic plastic butterfly valve has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, light weight of valve body, wear resistance, etc., and its torque force is small, pneumatic switch speed is fast, it can be used for ...
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Differences between American Standard ASME, German standard and China national standard valve GB

(American Standard, German standard, national standard) difference between valves: first of all, it can be distinguished from the standard codes of various countries: GB is the national standard, American Standard (ANSI), German standard (DIN). Secondly, ...
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Pneumatic ball valve

Prevention and treatment of valve corrosion

What is valve corrosion? The corrosion of valves is generally understood as the damage of valve metal materials under the action of chemical or electrochemical environment. Because the phenomenon of “corrosion” appears in the spontaneous ...
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Electric ball valve

Difference between floating ball valve and ball valve, principle of floating ball valve

What is a floating ball valve? Floating ball valve is a kind of product of liquid level measurement and control. It is composed of several main parts such as valve body, piston, connecting rod and ...
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Instructions for fluorine lined valve

The flange cover plate of fluorine lined valve cannot be opened at will. Unless it is ready to connect with the pipeline, the PTFE flange surface may be damaged or distorted due to temperature difference ...
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Pneumatic butterfly valve

Advantages, disadvantages and structure diagram of butterfly valve

The opening and closing part of butterfly valve is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body, so as to achieve opening and closing or adjustment. Butterfly valve is ...
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Types and application of electric plastic butterfly valve

The electric plastic butterfly valve is one of the most widely used valve types in the pipeline containing corrosive medium. It has super corrosion resistance, light weight, wear-resistant and easy to disassemble. It can be ...
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