PPH electric flange ball valve 

PPH electric flange ball valve

PPH electric flange ball valve Nominal diameter: DN15-DN100 Body material: UPVC, PPH, CPVC, PVDF, PP Connection method: dual-youling, flange Pressure […]


PTFE lined butterfly valve

The PTFE-lined butterfly valve adopts a two-piece valve body combination. The valve seat and the valve body lining are integrated. […]

Air filter regulator

Air filter regulator

Air filter regulator Operating Fluid:Air Port Size:G 1/8″ G 1/4″ G 3/8″ G 1/2″ Filter Precision:40 μ Range of Adjustable […]

Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Electro-Pneumatic Positioner When installing a positioner, please ensure to read and follow safety instructions. Any input or supply pressures to […]

solenoid valve

5/2 way 3/2way SOLENOID VALVE

Based on international standard, protection type solenoid valve and flameproof type solenoid valve of our company apply the requirements for […]

Free Float Traps

Free Float Traps

一.Free Float Traps–Overview The structure of free float trap is simple. There is only one movable part inside. The stainless […]

plug valve

2-Way Plug Valve

2-Way Plug Valve–Overview: 2-way plug valve: manual, flange connection, packing seal straight-through structure, plug sealing surface material is gray cast […]