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Pneumatic ball valve
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Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve
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Pneumatic butterfly valve
Pneumatic butterfly valve
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Welcome To POV Butterfly Valve

POV VALVE COMPANY, a professional manufacturer of butterfly valve established in the year 2003, The company is butterfly valve factory headquartered in Pudong, Shanghai, and its factory is located in Wuhu Industrial Development Zone, Anhui Province, China. After 15 years of development, we have extensive experience in the production and processing of butterfly valve. Our butterfly valve stocks have always 2,800 units , which make us to offer the fastest delivery shipment.

All our butterfly valve molds are designed and manufactured by ourselves. We have a professional technical team and R&D team. 15% of our annual business income is used for new product R&D and design. We can provide you with OEM, ODM services. The main products are:wafer butterfly valve,lug butterfly valve,flanged butterfly valve,lined PTFE butterfly valve,pneumatic butterfly valve,electric butterfly valve for medium flow cutoff, flow adjustment.


Quality control

POV VALVE firmly adheres to the quality policy and goal of “improving continuously and seeking zero defect". We have established the internal quality assurance system at a level higher than international, domestic standards and customer requirements for the implementation of comprehensive, whole-course quality management.POV VALVE is provided with the first-class inspection center where various tests and inspections from product prototype test till product final inspection are independently completed.

control valve

  • Assembly inspection
  • Process inspection
  • Pressure test
  • Material testing

R&D innovation

Holding the principle of “innovation is the source of quality”,POV VALVE is always giving priority to technical research and development, and constantly improving product performance to better meet actual demands of customers. We are leading the industry with our top-notch scientific research personnel. The cutting-edge software strength ensures our products are leading the way at the R&D stage. The development of every new technology...

  • Product design
  • OEM design
  • Product Innovation
  • Technological innovation

Before sales service

Butterfly valve model selection
Model selection of butterfly valves is a very important task during the selection and use of industrial butterfly valves. Due to different parameters under various service conditions involved, experienced technicians are needed for the selection of butterfly valves that meet technological requirements...

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